Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is the theme of World Health Day for 2009?

“Save lives. Make hospitals safe in emergencies”

is the slogan of this year’s World Health Day.

World Health Day is celebrated globally on 7 April to mark the founding of the World Health Organization and to raise awareness on a key global health issue. This year the theme is "Health facilities in emergencies", which underscores the importance of investing in health infrastructure that is able to withstand natural hazards, conflicts or a deteriorating situation and that is able to serve and protect people in immediate need.

However, the reality is often different and many health facilities, health workers and patients are vulnerable in the event of an emergency and in the aftermath of an emergency. Many health facilities, health workers and patients are vulnerable during emergencies and in their aftermath. Many facilities also can't provide health care during crises. The most expensive health facility is the one that fails and has to be repaired or rebuilt from scratch.

Including earthquake risk reduction measures in the design and construction of all new health facilities adds only 4% to the initial cost. Safe health facilities are central to community emergency response, preparedness and resilience. Crises threaten health facilities and interrupt public health services. When a hospital is out of service, thousands of people are left without health care. Do not let health facilities become a casualty of disasters. All types of emergencies threaten all health facilities. Know your risk – act. Don’t wait to be a victim to learn lessons that are already known. Health workers are the first line of defense during crises. Effective health care depends on health workers, so they must be prepared and ready to act.

There are many facets to keeping health facilities safe in emergencies. Partnerships are needed among all actors to ensure appropriate investment, sharing of information and best practice, and relevant support for making health facilities safe and able to function in emergency scenarios.

Keeping health facilities safe from disasters is one sure way of reducing risks and saving lives. Health facilities are much more than bricks and mortar. They are home to critical health services.

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